space to shoort

enter to restart

Published Nov 06, 2017
Made withUnity


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who is here for ssundee


:                  )





Questions for Stranger (Creator of Bowlinf)

Question 1.
Do you?

Question 2.
Why is the game called Bowlinf
and the description say press space to shooRt

Question 3.
Could you make the arm and character go a bit slower
It MaKeS mE fEeL wOoZy

Question 4.
Overall i like the game
This is not a quesion but i said it anyway

yes thanks for playing

i like it

yes thanks for playing

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No, I get it. It's named "bowlinf" because you have to bowl, and it's infinite - meaning that you never win, even if you get a perfect strike. Or perhaps it's named so because you're bowling above an infinite pit. One way or another, this is truly one of the better works I have encountered this year.

...yeah jokes aside this is actually kind of cool.

yes thanks for playing

is this gaem riggged?

no thanks for playing

this game sucks


no thanks for playing

best gam i haev eve playes

yes thanks for playing

is the name a typo lol

no thanks for playing